The research, development and innovation direction of ICDI-SNA will be focused on the application of chemistry, physics, biology and psychology, aiming to materialize scientific activities in different forms of valorization, in the most efficient way possible. Thus, the ICDI-SNA component laboratories' mission will be materialized by implementing the research directions mentioned below, which will ensure both the development of the Institute on several levels (international visibility, ensuring services) and the improvement of research results for innovation. It should be noted that these research directions are in good agreement with the research strategy of BBU. Our main concerns will be focused on: i) decontamination of water and air by photocatalysis, ii) synthesis of nanomaterials, iii) organic and organometallic compounds, iv) production of biocompounds from liquids and solid waste, v) morphological and structural analysis, vi) obtaining of consolidation/protection agents for construction materials, vii) simulation of different types of biomolecules and spectral vibration and their electronic absorption, viii) research in applied clinical psychology, ix) microbiological research of some bacterial species, x) applications for corrosion prevention of metals, in order to improve the properties of metallic and ceramic surfaces (deposition of bioceramic materials on implants).




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